Do You See What I See?

Recently, Shih Tzu Dad and I noticed Lucky wasn't moving around well. He walked slower than normal and started running into things. Lucky has had previous problems with his eyes so we booked an appointment with the ophthalmologist. We were hoping it was something that could possibly be treated, like cataracts. However, the doctor told us Lucky has something called SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome) which simply put is sudden blindness. They told us he was completely blind in one eye and the other could only see light and shadows. There is no known cause or treatment for SARDS so all we could do was take Lucky home.

While discussing what we could do to make the situation easier for our little boy, I remembered seeing something about a vest with a hoop that blind dogs could wear so they didn't run into things. Shih Tzu Dad did some research and found Halos for Paws. We sent in Lucky's measurements and waited for his new harness to come in.

It took Lucky a day or two to get used to having something around his head. He walked around slowly and when the ring hit something, he would be startled for a moment. We had him wear it in small doses, mainly in rooms in the house he wasn't in all the time. He navigated in his normal spaces quite well without it.

Once he got comfortable wearing it, he walked around at his normal pace and was no longer surprised when the ring hit a wall or piece of furniture. Now, in true Shih Tzu fashion, he has found a way to not only use it for it's original purpose but to benefit him in other areas as well. He now treats the halo as his own personal battering ram and pushes things around with it! Every so often we have to slightly bend back the ring to a circle shape as he has pushed on it a little too much.

We are happy that the halo can give Lucky back some of his confidence and make his new life as a blind dog more manageable.