It's Turkey Day!

The Shih Tzu Family didn't travel for Thanksgiving this year. Normally, we would have been in Florida visiting Shih Tzu Lola and Papa but they were traveling to see Shih Tzu Mom's sister. So this year, we went over to Shih Tzu Nana and Paw Paw's house!

I put on one of my cutest outfits. The cuter you are, the more likely someone will "accidentally" drop a piece of turkey near you.

I scouted out the food situation as soon as I got there. There was lots to choose from!

If there was a chunk of the ham missing later, I had nothing to do with it. I have no idea what the turkey taste like either. That is what I am telling Mom anyway. Shhh.

I got lots of cuddles from Shih Tzu Dad's family while we were there. They just couldn't put me down!

After snuggles with the ladies, I had to get my guy time in and watch the game. I don't know how they pay attention to anything with those phones out all the time!

Even though I "didn't eat the turkey", for some reason I was pooped! I hope you all had a fun-filled holiday as well!

Let's Go to the Expo!

Shih Tzu Mom and I recently ventured into the city to go to the Atlanta Pet Expo. I'm always up for a ride in my stroller so we met my chihuahua friends (who just got a new stroller of their own) and went exploring.

I made some new fur friends...

As well as human ones! The very nice State Farm lady gave me a bacon treat. She broke it up into little pieces and hand fed me every last one.

Of course, we couldn't get out of a pet event without Shih Tzu Mom buying me something to wear. I ended up with this hat. Everyone at the booth thought I was just too darn cute not to have it!