Happy Halloween!

We had such a great response last year when we asked our friends on Facebook to help us decide which costume Lucky should wear for Halloween that we did it again this year! With all the adorable options out there, Shih Tzu Dad and I had a hard time narrowing it down to four choices (one for each #TooCuteTuesday in October). Thanks to everyone for liking the pictures and joining us in deciding which one Lucky should model this year. It was such a close race that we included our Twitter followers in the vote this time.

So which one is the winner?

Fireman! I think this was Lucky's favorite costume too (if he just HAD to pick) because it has the least annoying hat. As usual, Lucky was a great sport for letting us parade him around in multiple costumes and we hope you enjoyed seeing them and all the other #TooCuteTuesday pups on our Facebook page.

Hope all our friends have a fun and safe Halloween!