Top Dog at the Paw Fest

This past weekend we dropped by Paw Festival 2015 hosted by Top Dogs Pet Boutique. The boutique always has the cutest things for all the fur babies in our lives and we were excited to meet up with some friends and explore the booths. Plus, proceeds from the event benefited local pet rescues and we always like helping them out when we can.

Lucky donned a casual but dapper outfit, perfect for the occasion:

We arrived and noted the schedule of activities: fashion show, kissing contest, raffle and more! We asked Lucky if he would like to be in the fashion show competition but he declined. He knew he would win with just his first dashing look at the audience and wanted to let the other pups have their moment in the spotlight. How gracious!

We made our way around the booths as Lucky was particularly interested in checking out the food vendors. There were many a natural treat to try here, some chicken yumminess there. Lucky insisted we not miss a single one.

Even though he would not be showing his stuff during the fashion show, Lucky made sure to give his best regal look to whoever stopped to admire him.

After a few laps around the festival and a stop in the shop to check out the raffle items, we headed home. Lucky was very pleased with the goodie bag we brought back filled with free samples. Now if only we would just leave them within his reach and look the other way...