The Well Bred Bakery

Did I ever tell you about that time I had the treat of my dreams? It was in Asheville, NC. Shih Tzu Mom and Dad found a bakery in the Biltmore Village called Well-Bred Bakery and Cafe. Right when you walked in, in the biggest glass jar you ever saw, was a mountain of cheddar dog biscuits! And I don't mean those silly hard cookie things...these were soft, flakey, mouth-watering biscuits. I had been a very good pup that day so of course they bought me a pack.

I couldn't wait to get one of these bad boys in my mouth. I waited patiently as Mom unwrapped the packaging.

As soon as she got it out, I tried to snatch it.

O. M. G.

I had never tasted something so delicious in my life! Mom and Dad were totally holding out on me all this time. Mom managed to get it back before I could swallow it whole. That's the best way to eat you know.

I have to eat it in pieces? Sheesh.

She tortured me by making me eat it slower. Something about choking, I'm not sure. Didn't she know I was a big dog and could eat a big treat? Even with this silly method of treat dispersion, the biscuit disappeared much too quickly.

Let me lick your fingers. There might be flavor left on them.

I realized though once I stopped chewing that, in fact, it was quite the hefty biscuit (don't tell Mom). I decided I needed to rest my tummy.

Until next time, cheese biscuit!

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