Meningitis Update

Hello Friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know how Lucky's meningitis is progressing. He's been having monthly check-ups to make sure the meds are doing what they are supposed to. He only has to take the steroids now and his dosage has been lessened with each check-up. The doc says he is doing great and we should be able to get him down to the smallest dose of steroids taken every other day. He will likely need to be on them the rest of his life to hopefully keep the meningitis at bay for good. If he were to miss any dose, it could come back. And the doc says if it does, it will be with a vengeance! So Shih Tzu Dad and I make sure he gets that pill on time, every time!

We recently ran into a conflict of the meningitis when we took Lucky to his annual wellness appointment. Lucky has possibly the rarest form of meningitis which is auto-immune. He didn't get it from an outside source, like a tick. His body just turned on him. Since there is little to reference for this form of meningitis in dogs, the vet recommended he get as few vaccinations as possible. They just don't know how his immune system would react. So Lucky got the three-year vaccine for rabies and that was it. We monitored him closely afterward to make sure there wasn't any reactions and he seemed fine.

So all-in-all, Lucky is doing fabulous! If you were to meet him, you'd never know anything was wrong. He's such a mellow, happy puppy and we plan on having him around for many years to come.

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