Let's Take a Stroll(er)

While in North Carolina, we visited the North Carolina Arboretum. It was beautiful place; with hiking trails, gardens, an amphitheater and both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Shih Tzu Mom had a wonderful time finding different places for me to pose.

What can I say? The camera loves me.

We spent most of that day exploring. There was so much to see and Mom and Dad loved taking pictures not only of me, but of all the wonderful scenery.

After a while though, I got tired. My little legs can only take me so far! Luckily, we brought along my brand new stroller chariot! Shih Tzu Dad ordered it online just in time for our trip because he knew I deserved to be transported like the prince that I am!

Once I got in the chariot, it was smooth sailing from there. While we were on the trails and going through the wooded areas, Shih Tzu Mom kept the top open and I smiled and waved to all my admirers. Everyone thought I was so cute in my chariot and kept pointing me out to their family and friends. When we got to the sunny garden areas, we latched the top on so I wouldn't get too hot from the sun.

We had a wonderful time and it was a great day enjoying the outdoors. I hope we go to lots of other places where we can bring the chariot and I can ride around in style!

Where to next?

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