A Room with a Tzu

Sometimes when Shih Tzu Mom and Dad go on trips, they are at places that don't allow fur babies. For instance, when they went on their honeymoon to Alaska. I think if they had just shown the cruise ship director a picture of my cute face, there would not have been a problem. They probably would have given me my own stateroom. Just my opinion. Anyway, they don't like leaving me behind (even though I have a great time visiting my Scottie friends) so for their first wedding anniversary they wanted to go somewhere that I could join them.

They decided on the pet-friendly city of Asheville, North Carolina. My fellow furry friends are often allowed on the patios of restaurants, in the shops around town and of course in the plethora of park space. It sounded good to me so I made sure Mom and Dad grabbed the food and snacks and hopped right in the car.

They didn't let me stay on the floor of the front seat for safety reasons but I was excited for our trip anyway!

When we got to the hotel, I immediately inspected our room. Had to test the bed first of course.

Ah...this is the life!

Finally! One that was the right size for me. I made sure Mom and Dad took note of this. I don't know why they keep buying those silly "small dog" beds at home. If we had a bed like this, I might even share with them.

After making sure the rest of the room was to my liking I felt like checking out the view. I liked what I saw and couldn't wait to start our first adventure...

What did we do in Asheville? Stay tuned!

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