Snow Day

Snow doesn't often happen where we live. When it does, we are over cautious because we know the state isn't equipped to deal with even the smallest amount of winter weather. Last year during what we called "Snowpocalypse", Shih Tzu Mom and Dad got stuck in their cars for 20+ hours on the highway because of trucks overturning on the snow and ice and blocking the roads. Scottie Mom had to come to the rescue at one point and bring Shih Tzu Mom food and water until she could make it home. Shih Tzu Dad made it home first and I was a very good boy and hadn't made a mess in the house even though I was alone for a very long time!

Needless to say, this year when Shih Tzu Mom heard that the forecast called for snow, she got permission to work from home and stay off the roads. This benefitted me greatly because I got more treats and belly wubs than on a normal work day! When the snow began, we went outside to explore. I was annoyed because it was starting to get hard for me to sniff out my normal spots in the yard.

Mom, is this it? I can't tell.

When it got a little thicker, we went out on the back porch. Shih Tzu Mom loves seeing my little paw prints in the snow, but I personally liked licking it up.

After a few moments, however, the novelty of the cold stuff wore off and we headed back inside. Fun as it was for a few moments, I much prefer snuggling in a cozy bed. Stay warm friends!

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