One Social Shih Tzu

Hey there, Lucky here. Have you ever had that awkward moment where your parents had what they thought was an awesome idea but really you thought they were crazy? And then you went along with it anyway because you love them? I almost had a moment like that. Shih Tzu Dad had this "great" idea to go climb a mountain with Shih Tzu Mom and me. I gave him a look:

Did you forget that I have short little legs, Dad? *Sigh* Fine, but I'm telling you that you are going to have to carry me about five minutes in. We gathered our water and snacks and got in the car. When we arrived at the mountain, it was packed! They must have heard on Facebook or Twitter that I would be there and rushed to get a good look at me or my autograph or something. Mom and Dad are not used to the fame of having me as a pet though so they decided not to stay; crowds just aren't their thing. We turned around and headed to the dog park instead. Woohoo! No mountain today.

When we got to the park, I showed Mom what social networking really meant. I made lots of fans friends right away:

Wow. That one is fuzzy.

After all that meeting and greeting (and marking), I was pooped! But you know what? I didn't even get a chance to rest, the ladies just wouldn't stay away. This one particular cutie just came right up to my bench and kissed me!

I thought heck, why not, and invited her to stay. We had a good time until I tried to take the date to the next level...she apparently wasn't feeling it. Sheesh, women and their mixed signals!

Overall, a great day of not climbing a mountain. I have a sinking feeling I haven't escaped that fate but for now I am just going to enjoy this weather and playtime!

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