5 Reasons To Love a Shih Tzu

Why be a Shih Tzu Mom? You might as well ask why I need to breathe. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been asked this question. I could go on and on about why I can't live without my Tzu but I attempted to narrow down the list:

1. Loyalty and Devotion
The fierceness of the love Shih Tzus have for their parents is beyond measure. Lucky cannot be in a room without one of us in it. He doesn't need to be playing with us or even interacting, just as long as he knows we are there. We waits patiently for us to get home from work and greets us everyday as if he hasn't seen us in weeks. He makes sure any new person he meets is okay with us before allowing them to be near.

2. Love Bug
If Lucky had his way, we would snuggle with us all day and just be forever in our arms. He will lay with you even if there isn't space or a comfortable position to be in. As long as you are holding him (and possibly giving belly wubs), he is the happiest pup alive. This goes for any of our friends as well, he will sit in any lap and receive any lovin' that is sent his way.

3. Attitude
Don't get me wrong. This may sound like a negative but we love all the quirks Lucky has. Shih Tzus are notorious for their personalities. Lucky's biggest (and cutest) attitude trait is that he is dramatic. At first we thought maybe it is just with us, but it was confirmed one day when we picked him up from the groomer and she says, "Is he dramatic at home? He was cracking us up!" Apparently, any time that someone walked by him while on the groomer's table, he would collapse and look pitiful. Don't you want to save him from the lady with the scissors? Lucky is also the master at the dramatic sigh. Oh, you aren't going to give me a piece of your chicken? Sigh. You are going to keep watching TV right now and not get in bed? Sigh. Then, once he has conceded to the fact that you aren't doing what he wants, he ignores you. Call his name? Nothing. Poke him? Nothing. But you can tell he can hear you because he rolls his eyes and the cute tuffs of hair above them move. All of his dramatic acts are just the cutest thing and it probably annoys him that we laugh when he's trying to make a point!

4. Did You Hear That?
Speaking of quirks, Lucky also makes a symphony of different sounds. He has the normal bark for the stranger at the door but it goes much beyond that. He has his pitiful cry when he pretends he hasn't eaten in weeks so you just have to share your dinner with him. He has what I call his "harrumph" when he is trying to intimidate or act macho. He just forces as much air as he can through his nose in one breath. Then he has his "don't move me, I'm comfortable" grumble when he doesn't want to get up in the morning or if he has found a good spot on the couch. Then of course, the adorable snore and internal squeaks when he tries to bark in his sleep while dreaming.

5. That Face
The picture says it all!


  1. I totally agree. mine is a female.and we love a her so much!

  2. This is so true and your baby is so cute. Mommy loves that I'm such s snuggle bug and want to always be in the same room as Her.. My fav spot is on her lap. Shih Tzu are da best

  3. Lucky has such a beautiful face!

  4. We also have a shih tzu named Lucky and... Yup, all sounds right to me!