Oh, the Places He'll Go!

Hi friends, Shih Tzu Mom here. Lucky said I could write tonight's post because he's busy lounging, waiting for Dad to get out of the shower. Unbeknownst to him, I am using this opportunity to out one of his quirks. So this may be one of the few times you ever get to here directly from me!

Lucky is known for finding interesting places to hang out. At first it's the normal spots. Under the bed, on the ottoman, beneath the desks in the office, etc. But lately, he's been a bit more innovative in his chill spots. For instance, in the pic above, he decided that the tote that goes under the bed would be a good spot. We had taken it out when we were reorganizing the closets and just hadn't put it back yet. Shih Tzu Dad had thrown some laundry in there to grab later. But when Lucky saw a tote with a shirt in it, he thought, "A bed!" and hopped right in.

Now there are sometimes where it's us that put him in interesting places. For instance:

Normally, he is content with sitting under the desk while Dad plays games or works. But this particular day, that just wasn't close enough. He wanted to be in Dad's lap but that made it hard for him to use the computer. So next best thing? A pillow on the desk. This suited Lucky Duck just fine and he settled right in.

This morning was his best spot yet. He likes playing hide and go seek in the mornings when we are trying to go to work. He knows we won't leave him upstairs so he thinks if we can't find him, we won't leave. I had left earlier so it was Dad who had to find where Lucky was today. He couldn't find him anywhere and then he hears a rustle in the office. He walks in to find this behind the door:


Had the box not been in a noisy plastic bag, Shih Tzu Dad would have spent ages finding him! We need to be careful, he's getting much better at this game!

Do your babies have favorite or interesting places they like to be?

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  1. You are very lucky to have very cute LUCKY . Wish to cuddele Lucky one day :0
    Thank you very for sharing this story.