Park 'n' Play

Guess what we did today? Went to the park! I was so excited, Shih Tzu Mom and Dad didn't even need to say the usual "up, up" to get me in the car. I was ready to go!

Once we arrived, we took the path that led to the off leash area. I was basically dragging Mom and Dad down the road. They walked so slow, didn't they know I had many things to mark?

Did I pee on this leaf yet? Let me check.

Once I made sure that the other dogs would know that the entire path belonged to me, I attempted to lead Mom and Dad to the side of the dog park for big dogs. They said we had to go in the other side. I could be pretty intimidating, so I'm not sure what they were worried about, but I conceded.

Hello everyone! I have arrived!

I immediately spied a cute girl pup over by the human chairs and trotted right up to her. After a quick sniff back and forth, I showed her my best move: the back kick.

Yeah, I work out.

I spent most of my time chasing her, but eventually she had to go home. After the goodbyes, I proceeded to do my usual perimeter sweep of the fence line. Yep, all was good here. I got pretty tired after that and sat with Mom and Dad in the shade for a few minutes.

Like a king, watching over his domain.

We decided after a while to head home, and I knew there was some cold, filtered water waiting for me there. I made it all the way back to the car without asking Mom or Dad to carry me. What a great Saturday afternoon out!

Tired and dirty but also one happy pup!

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