Lucky's Coming to Dinner!

This past week the Shih Tzu family was invited over for dinner to the Scottie family's house. Do you know what that meant? I had another chance to woo my Scottie crush Heather! My previous attempts so far have been for naught, but I wasn't about to give up.

As soon as we arrived, I immediately cornered her and made sure we got some alone time to chat. Communication is key in any relationship and I wanted to make sure my Heather Beather knew I was always there for her when she needed to talk. That's us above, don't we make a cute couple?

I had the best plan for dinner. Scottie Mom had made her Papa's famous sauce so we were having pasta. I wanted to reenact that famous scene from Disney's Lady and the Tramp where they have their first kiss over a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs. What is more romantic than that? Alas, my plan was squashed by the Moms. Something about how we should eat our own food and the humans should eat theirs. Harumph. I waited under the table anyway just in case one of the Dads might "accidentally" drop something for me.

Not a single meatball hit the floor. Sigh.

Unfortunately, not even the Dads wanted to share their food. Now that dinner was a wash, I didn't know what else to do. I went to the couch in the hopes that Heather would still want to cuddle with me but once we were there, the Moms thought it was the perfect time for a photo shoot (they always think it's the the perfect time for pictures!). So Heather's brother Mr. K got up there with us and we had to pose for what seemed like forever. We did get some treats as a reward though, so that was a small consolation.

Three amigos!

Even though my romantic endeavors were unsuccessful, I was still happy we all got to see our friends. Don't worry Heather, I will return!

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  1. Keep trying Lucky! Not every romance gets off right at first!