The Shirt Off My Back

So PetsMart had a sale. *sigh* Shih Tzu Mom just couldn't resist adding to my already extensive wardrobe. I don't know how many times I've told Shih Tzu Mom that I have a fur coat and I don't need clothes. I have to admit though, wearing them does get me a little bit more attention and a few extra treats so it's not all bad having to act as a model every now and then!

All of these shirts come from the Bret Michael's Pets Rock collection. A tough pup like me can't wear "cutesy" stuff! I like the shirt above, it has the manly skull on it and tells everyone who's the best looking around here!

This next one I don't really get:

Yummy in my tummy.

Of course I eat stuff. Delicious stuff! When I can get it anyway. Shih Tzu Mom said it was funny because I often put things in my mouth that aren't classified as "food". Who does this classifying? Who do they think they are telling me what is food and what isn't? My experienced taste buds can decide that for myself, thank you very much!

This last shirt I can't argue with. I love my family (as silly as they can be sometimes)!

Proud of it!


  1. Yeah Lucky, don't let them tell you what to or not to eat! :D

  2. That pirate shirt rocks! Wonder if they come in Airedale size?