Lucky's Spot

Shih Tzu Dad is out of town for tonight. So I am making myself comfortable in MY spot on the bed. Ever since Dad moved in, he's been hogging the bed at night and thinking it is "our" spot. At first, I made my cute grumbly noise and dramatic sighs but they didn't seem to have the desired effect of him moving over. Those were my attempts to be nice. Now, I just ignore that he is there and sit in my spot on the bed, couch, etc regardless if he is there or not:

In your face...

So Shih Tzu Dad, I will be happy when you return from your work trip as you will be behind on belly wubs, but consider yourself warned. I have reclaimed the bed and you may need to fight me for the spot next to Shih Tzu Mom. Should you attempt to move me, I am fully prepared to do to a lot of sitting on your face. Love, Lucky.

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