Interview with a Shih Tzu

Good evening! Tonight we wanted to get Lucky’s opinion on Animal Planet’s 5 Shih Tzu Personality Traits. Does he agree with their assessment of the almighty Tzu? Let’s find out:

The first trait is playfulness. Would you consider yourself always up for a game?
By “game” do you mean “let’s see how many treats Lucky can eat” or “who can find the most comfortable spot on the bed”, then yes. Otherwise, I’m not really into toys anymore. I’m a more mature pup. My ideal playtime would probably be a short walk with my Scottie friends, where we exchange pee mail along the way, followed by some cuddling in bed with my Shih Tzu parents while watching a movie.

Ah, you are more mellow and set in your ways then. Could we go as far as say you have the second trait of stubbornness?
That might be a little too far. I wouldn’t say I am stubborn. I just know what I want and don’t have a problem trying to convince others that my opinion is the best one. Do I think Shih Tzu Mom and Dad should go to work? No. So I hide under the bed. Is it time to go inside now? No. So I sit down and get comfortable in the yard.

I see. So would you say that makes Tzus hard to train?
Some of us may need a little more patience than others I suppose but we get the hang of it eventually and will only act out when we don’t think we are getting enough attention. My Mom calls it “being dramatic”. One thing most fur parents won’t have to worry about with us though is the noise. I can definitely say I possess the quiet trait. I don’t need to bark to get your attention when I have a face like this! Although, I will always let you know when someone is at the door. I’m not a fan of knowing people are around and not being able to see them. But once your visitors come in and I know they are here to give me belly wubs, all is good.

That leads me right into the fourth trait: friendly.
That one I completely agree with. I’m not one to turn away anyone who wants to give me attention! My breed was developed to be a companion dog and we love to spend time with humans and be the center of attention.

Will just anyone do?
Even though most humans have the capacity to give a decent belly wub, I am definitely a model specimen of the last trait, loyalty. I may wander from human to human when a group is around but ultimately I want to be with my parents! I follow them around constantly and don’t know what to do when they are in separate rooms of the house. So I try to be fair and divide my time between them.

Well, thank you for spending some of that time with our readers.

My pleasure, it’s important to keep my fans happy too!

Motivational Monday: Smile!

Even the smallest gesture can make someones day! - Shih Tzu Mom

A shih tzu smile is the best kind of smile, don't you think? - Lucky

The Shirt Off My Back

So PetsMart had a sale. *sigh* Shih Tzu Mom just couldn't resist adding to my already extensive wardrobe. I don't know how many times I've told Shih Tzu Mom that I have a fur coat and I don't need clothes. I have to admit though, wearing them does get me a little bit more attention and a few extra treats so it's not all bad having to act as a model every now and then!

All of these shirts come from the Bret Michael's Pets Rock collection. A tough pup like me can't wear "cutesy" stuff! I like the shirt above, it has the manly skull on it and tells everyone who's the best looking around here!

This next one I don't really get:

Yummy in my tummy.

Of course I eat stuff. Delicious stuff! When I can get it anyway. Shih Tzu Mom said it was funny because I often put things in my mouth that aren't classified as "food". Who does this classifying? Who do they think they are telling me what is food and what isn't? My experienced taste buds can decide that for myself, thank you very much!

This last shirt I can't argue with. I love my family (as silly as they can be sometimes)!

Proud of it!

Motivational Monday

Don't be afraid to ask for help. It just shows that you are smart enough to know when you need it and that you don't have to go it alone. – Shih Tzu Mom

Dad would never have been able to measure this wood right had he not asked for a Tzu's help. – Lucky

Lucky's Spot

Shih Tzu Dad is out of town for tonight. So I am making myself comfortable in MY spot on the bed. Ever since Dad moved in, he's been hogging the bed at night and thinking it is "our" spot. At first, I made my cute grumbly noise and dramatic sighs but they didn't seem to have the desired effect of him moving over. Those were my attempts to be nice. Now, I just ignore that he is there and sit in my spot on the bed, couch, etc regardless if he is there or not:

In your face...

So Shih Tzu Dad, I will be happy when you return from your work trip as you will be behind on belly wubs, but consider yourself warned. I have reclaimed the bed and you may need to fight me for the spot next to Shih Tzu Mom. Should you attempt to move me, I am fully prepared to do to a lot of sitting on your face. Love, Lucky.

Motivational Monday

Don't just wish for things, turn your dreams into goals. Make this your best week ever and seize the day today and every day! - Shih Tzu Mom

Although, an occasional night in bed with a fur baby and a good movie is never a bad idea. Especially if belly wubs are involved. - Lucky

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