Word of Mouth

Evening friends! I have recovered from my traumatic trip to the V-E-T so here is my update as promised. As you may remember, at my annual exam, I didn't do so well in the teeth department on my report card. So, against my will, Shih Tzu Mom made an appointment for the V-E-T to invade my mouth and mess with my grill. I tried to tell her that everything was fine but she said something about a gum infection. I decided it was okay since I was sure I would get some good treats out of this visit too.

After my appointment, I was not so sure it was worth it. They stuck me in the arm and I fell asleep. Then, when I woke up, I was missing teeth! Shih Tzu Mom looked really worried when she came to get me. I ignored her as I was still kind of sleepy but I heard her talking to someone about that pesky gum infection. Apparently it was to blame for my teeth being missing; something about it loosening them and it being best that they come out so they could heal it before it did any other damage to my mouth. Well, at least it was just a couple little teeth in the front…I still kept my big scary ones. I have a reputation to uphold!

The V-E-T said I should heal just fine and I just have some medicine to take for a few days. Mom thinks she's sneaky when she puts it in my food but I know they are there. I just go ahead and eat it because I know that I'll get some extra good treats for being "such a good boy". Hehe.

My only beef now is this silly poodle hair cut I have on my arm. No offense to poodles but I don't think any Shih Tzu could pull this off well. I do get a little extra attention because of it though so I can work the "poor baby" angle for a little while longer and get a few more belly wubs!


  1. Oh you poor baby, Treats for sure.

  2. So sorry about losing teef at scawy vet. But more noms now.
    Annie & Roxie