It's a Trap!

Today I was tricked. I saw Shih Tzu Mom get my leash out and put her bag in the car. That meant we were going somewhere! I happily trotted over and when she called out the usual "Up up!", I hopped right in, excited about the ride. But as we drove, I noticed we turned away from the park. Hmm…okay, maybe we were going to the store so I could pick out some new treats. Ever since Shih Tzu Dad moved in we go through them a little faster (shhh…don't tell Mom!). I sat quietly, enjoying the air conditioning, trying to figure out her plan.

Then it hit me. I saw that big orange and tan sign as the car began to slow. The V-E-T! How could she?! Had it been a year already? Poo. I made sure not to make it easy on her. I decided I just HAD to pee on every tree, bush and stick in the parking lot. Unfortunately, that only bought me a few minutes as she saw right through what I was doing. Well then, I figured I should just go ahead and get it over with.

I was very good for the V-E-T. A little jumpy but I didn't struggle (you'd be nervous too if you saw that handful of needles!). Honestly, the worst part was being up on that table. Those of you who follow my Scottie friends know how I feel about heights! Here is what the V-E-T had to say about me:

Hey! Who are you calling old? Maybe if I hadn't been burying my head in Mom's chest, the V-E-T would have seen this cute, young face. Anyway, bottom line friends, I made it out alive and got an extra special treat when we got home. So I guess it was worth it!

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