Green is a Lucky Color

It's no secret that Shih Tzu Mom doesn't have a green thumb. She has tried to grow plants, even things that are supposed to be easy, but has been unsuccessful. I told her she should just stick to what she knows, like feeding me and rubbing my belly.

Shih Tzu Dad on the other hand, comes from a family of growers. So when he moved in, he went right to work. Above you can see me standing in Mom's handy work. She claims she has no idea how the yard got brown and patchy. I'll let her stick with that story since sometimes I have no idea where those twigs and things that I chew on come from. They just appear in the house, I swear.

I helped Dad pick out just the right grass to plant. It was very important that he know what I liked to lounge on during a summer evening. I had to stay inside while he worked on the yard, but I made sure to supervise him:

Had to make sure he did it just right.

After the yard, he planted some food on the deck out back. Things called peppers and tomatoes. Mom must like them because otherwise, what is the point of planting things that don't grow treats?

This doesn't make me like the deck any better.

I guess Dad had to do something for him and Mom since he was growing the yard for me. I like finding just the right spot, settling in, and pretending I don't hear when it's time to come inside. Usually, I just get carried back in the house. However, I found out that if I let Shih Tzu Mom point her camera at me a while, I can get just a little more time in my green sanctuary.

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