Lucky Ducks

Over Thanksgiving, we traveled to visit Shih Tzu Lola and Papa in Florida! They have a pond in the backyard so I decided to try to make some new friends.

Hi Mr. Duck! Want to play?

Where are you going? Is that a no?

Oh hello other ducks! How about you?

I have to get in the water? Hmm...nevermind.

Even though I did not end up chilling with the Florida ducks, I enjoyed very much all the special attention I got from Lola while we were there. She has all the good treats! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

Oh, the Places He'll Go!

Hi friends, Shih Tzu Mom here. Lucky said I could write tonight's post because he's busy lounging, waiting for Dad to get out of the shower. Unbeknownst to him, I am using this opportunity to out one of his quirks. So this may be one of the few times you ever get to here directly from me!

Lucky is known for finding interesting places to hang out. At first it's the normal spots. Under the bed, on the ottoman, beneath the desks in the office, etc. But lately, he's been a bit more innovative in his chill spots. For instance, in the pic above, he decided that the tote that goes under the bed would be a good spot. We had taken it out when we were reorganizing the closets and just hadn't put it back yet. Shih Tzu Dad had thrown some laundry in there to grab later. But when Lucky saw a tote with a shirt in it, he thought, "A bed!" and hopped right in.

Now there are sometimes where it's us that put him in interesting places. For instance:

Normally, he is content with sitting under the desk while Dad plays games or works. But this particular day, that just wasn't close enough. He wanted to be in Dad's lap but that made it hard for him to use the computer. So next best thing? A pillow on the desk. This suited Lucky Duck just fine and he settled right in.

This morning was his best spot yet. He likes playing hide and go seek in the mornings when we are trying to go to work. He knows we won't leave him upstairs so he thinks if we can't find him, we won't leave. I had left earlier so it was Dad who had to find where Lucky was today. He couldn't find him anywhere and then he hears a rustle in the office. He walks in to find this behind the door:


Had the box not been in a noisy plastic bag, Shih Tzu Dad would have spent ages finding him! We need to be careful, he's getting much better at this game!

Do your babies have favorite or interesting places they like to be?

Costume Cuteness

For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you know about #TooCuteTuesday. Every week, we post pictures of all our Shih Tzu friends and share the fur baby love all day. For this month, Lucky debuted four Halloween costume choices, one each week, and our friends voted on which one they loved best.

It was a very close race as Lucky looks adorable in any costume! But one did win out in the end. Without further ado, I give you…


Lucky the Peg-Legged Pirate!

Happy Halloween everyone. :)

Park 'n' Play

Guess what we did today? Went to the park! I was so excited, Shih Tzu Mom and Dad didn't even need to say the usual "up, up" to get me in the car. I was ready to go!

Once we arrived, we took the path that led to the off leash area. I was basically dragging Mom and Dad down the road. They walked so slow, didn't they know I had many things to mark?

Did I pee on this leaf yet? Let me check.

Once I made sure that the other dogs would know that the entire path belonged to me, I attempted to lead Mom and Dad to the side of the dog park for big dogs. They said we had to go in the other side. I could be pretty intimidating, so I'm not sure what they were worried about, but I conceded.

Hello everyone! I have arrived!

I immediately spied a cute girl pup over by the human chairs and trotted right up to her. After a quick sniff back and forth, I showed her my best move: the back kick.

Yeah, I work out.

I spent most of my time chasing her, but eventually she had to go home. After the goodbyes, I proceeded to do my usual perimeter sweep of the fence line. Yep, all was good here. I got pretty tired after that and sat with Mom and Dad in the shade for a few minutes.

Like a king, watching over his domain.

We decided after a while to head home, and I knew there was some cold, filtered water waiting for me there. I made it all the way back to the car without asking Mom or Dad to carry me. What a great Saturday afternoon out!

Tired and dirty but also one happy pup!

Lucky's Coming to Dinner!

This past week the Shih Tzu family was invited over for dinner to the Scottie family's house. Do you know what that meant? I had another chance to woo my Scottie crush Heather! My previous attempts so far have been for naught, but I wasn't about to give up.

As soon as we arrived, I immediately cornered her and made sure we got some alone time to chat. Communication is key in any relationship and I wanted to make sure my Heather Beather knew I was always there for her when she needed to talk. That's us above, don't we make a cute couple?

I had the best plan for dinner. Scottie Mom had made her Papa's famous sauce so we were having pasta. I wanted to reenact that famous scene from Disney's Lady and the Tramp where they have their first kiss over a heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs. What is more romantic than that? Alas, my plan was squashed by the Moms. Something about how we should eat our own food and the humans should eat theirs. Harumph. I waited under the table anyway just in case one of the Dads might "accidentally" drop something for me.

Not a single meatball hit the floor. Sigh.

Unfortunately, not even the Dads wanted to share their food. Now that dinner was a wash, I didn't know what else to do. I went to the couch in the hopes that Heather would still want to cuddle with me but once we were there, the Moms thought it was the perfect time for a photo shoot (they always think it's the the perfect time for pictures!). So Heather's brother Mr. K got up there with us and we had to pose for what seemed like forever. We did get some treats as a reward though, so that was a small consolation.

Three amigos!

Even though my romantic endeavors were unsuccessful, I was still happy we all got to see our friends. Don't worry Heather, I will return!

Grandpuppy Power

Do you know what is almost as good as being an only fur baby? Being the favorite fur grandbaby! Shih Tzu Mom's parents came to visit us this weekend. Mom's mom is from the Philippines so we call her the Tagalog word for "grandma" which is "lola". Shih Tzu Lola and Papa love coming to see me. You can see above how Lola just couldn't put me down. Do you know how else I can tell that I am the favorite grand puppy? Because she has my picture as the home screen on her phone. If I beat out the human grandkids you know I have to be someone special!

My favorite thing that I did with Shih Tzu Lola (other than the cuddling of course!) was work in the yard. I like being in the yard so I kept Lola and Mom company and supervised as I am very good at doing that.

Bushes trimmed? Check!

I stayed out there almost the whole time. The only part I don't like is the big scary leaf blower. Why Shih Tzu Mom can't just sweep is beyond me.

Now don't worry, Shih Tzu Papa didn't get left out of the fun! We played an indoor game, hide and seek!

Oh hi. How did you find me?

It was a short visit but I was glad to get to see them. Next time, we will all need to go visit them at their house so I can run around their awesome back yard and pond! I haven't said hello to my geese friends in a while...

Lucky and Friends

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I got to spend mine with my extended family while Mom and Dad went to a conference. At Shih Tzu Uncle's house, I hung out a lot with my fur cousin Ginger. That is the two of us chillin' in the backyard above. Ginger is trying out one of my cute face techniques, "put your face on the ground and look up". She's doing a pretty good job, I told her that the more pitiful you look, the more attention you get!

Ginger and I weren't the only fuzzy faces in the house however. We also had the pleasure of hanging out with the fur posse of Coco, Bailey and Bentley:

Hey, where did Pink Bear come from?

It was a full house for sure! There was lots of running around, exchanging of pee mail and just general doggy antics. My youngest human cousin is a 6-year-old girl and she had tons of fun having so many puppies to play with at once!

That is the one downside to so many pups in one place though. I had to work extra hard to get all the attention. I made sure my face was the one closest to the human doing the petting and always made it a point to sit next to them on the couch right away. One time though, Bailey tried to move in on my territory. I held my ground, but ended up with a Westie bottom in my face.

Um, excuse me.

Overall, it was a very exciting weekend. Even so, I wouldn't want to live with that many friends on a constant basis. I'm not as young as I used to be (shh…don't tell Mom I admitted that!) and I can honestly say I was worn out at the end and happy to be going home when Mom and Dad picked me up.

Travel bed never felt so good!

Interview with a Shih Tzu

Good evening! Tonight we wanted to get Lucky’s opinion on Animal Planet’s 5 Shih Tzu Personality Traits. Does he agree with their assessment of the almighty Tzu? Let’s find out:

The first trait is playfulness. Would you consider yourself always up for a game?
By “game” do you mean “let’s see how many treats Lucky can eat” or “who can find the most comfortable spot on the bed”, then yes. Otherwise, I’m not really into toys anymore. I’m a more mature pup. My ideal playtime would probably be a short walk with my Scottie friends, where we exchange pee mail along the way, followed by some cuddling in bed with my Shih Tzu parents while watching a movie.

Ah, you are more mellow and set in your ways then. Could we go as far as say you have the second trait of stubbornness?
That might be a little too far. I wouldn’t say I am stubborn. I just know what I want and don’t have a problem trying to convince others that my opinion is the best one. Do I think Shih Tzu Mom and Dad should go to work? No. So I hide under the bed. Is it time to go inside now? No. So I sit down and get comfortable in the yard.

I see. So would you say that makes Tzus hard to train?
Some of us may need a little more patience than others I suppose but we get the hang of it eventually and will only act out when we don’t think we are getting enough attention. My Mom calls it “being dramatic”. One thing most fur parents won’t have to worry about with us though is the noise. I can definitely say I possess the quiet trait. I don’t need to bark to get your attention when I have a face like this! Although, I will always let you know when someone is at the door. I’m not a fan of knowing people are around and not being able to see them. But once your visitors come in and I know they are here to give me belly wubs, all is good.

That leads me right into the fourth trait: friendly.
That one I completely agree with. I’m not one to turn away anyone who wants to give me attention! My breed was developed to be a companion dog and we love to spend time with humans and be the center of attention.

Will just anyone do?
Even though most humans have the capacity to give a decent belly wub, I am definitely a model specimen of the last trait, loyalty. I may wander from human to human when a group is around but ultimately I want to be with my parents! I follow them around constantly and don’t know what to do when they are in separate rooms of the house. So I try to be fair and divide my time between them.

Well, thank you for spending some of that time with our readers.

My pleasure, it’s important to keep my fans happy too!

Motivational Monday: Smile!

Even the smallest gesture can make someones day! - Shih Tzu Mom

A shih tzu smile is the best kind of smile, don't you think? - Lucky

The Shirt Off My Back

So PetsMart had a sale. *sigh* Shih Tzu Mom just couldn't resist adding to my already extensive wardrobe. I don't know how many times I've told Shih Tzu Mom that I have a fur coat and I don't need clothes. I have to admit though, wearing them does get me a little bit more attention and a few extra treats so it's not all bad having to act as a model every now and then!

All of these shirts come from the Bret Michael's Pets Rock collection. A tough pup like me can't wear "cutesy" stuff! I like the shirt above, it has the manly skull on it and tells everyone who's the best looking around here!

This next one I don't really get:

Yummy in my tummy.

Of course I eat stuff. Delicious stuff! When I can get it anyway. Shih Tzu Mom said it was funny because I often put things in my mouth that aren't classified as "food". Who does this classifying? Who do they think they are telling me what is food and what isn't? My experienced taste buds can decide that for myself, thank you very much!

This last shirt I can't argue with. I love my family (as silly as they can be sometimes)!

Proud of it!

Motivational Monday

Don't be afraid to ask for help. It just shows that you are smart enough to know when you need it and that you don't have to go it alone. – Shih Tzu Mom

Dad would never have been able to measure this wood right had he not asked for a Tzu's help. – Lucky

Lucky's Spot

Shih Tzu Dad is out of town for tonight. So I am making myself comfortable in MY spot on the bed. Ever since Dad moved in, he's been hogging the bed at night and thinking it is "our" spot. At first, I made my cute grumbly noise and dramatic sighs but they didn't seem to have the desired effect of him moving over. Those were my attempts to be nice. Now, I just ignore that he is there and sit in my spot on the bed, couch, etc regardless if he is there or not:

In your face...

So Shih Tzu Dad, I will be happy when you return from your work trip as you will be behind on belly wubs, but consider yourself warned. I have reclaimed the bed and you may need to fight me for the spot next to Shih Tzu Mom. Should you attempt to move me, I am fully prepared to do to a lot of sitting on your face. Love, Lucky.

Motivational Monday

Don't just wish for things, turn your dreams into goals. Make this your best week ever and seize the day today and every day! - Shih Tzu Mom

Although, an occasional night in bed with a fur baby and a good movie is never a bad idea. Especially if belly wubs are involved. - Lucky

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Word of Mouth

Evening friends! I have recovered from my traumatic trip to the V-E-T so here is my update as promised. As you may remember, at my annual exam, I didn't do so well in the teeth department on my report card. So, against my will, Shih Tzu Mom made an appointment for the V-E-T to invade my mouth and mess with my grill. I tried to tell her that everything was fine but she said something about a gum infection. I decided it was okay since I was sure I would get some good treats out of this visit too.

After my appointment, I was not so sure it was worth it. They stuck me in the arm and I fell asleep. Then, when I woke up, I was missing teeth! Shih Tzu Mom looked really worried when she came to get me. I ignored her as I was still kind of sleepy but I heard her talking to someone about that pesky gum infection. Apparently it was to blame for my teeth being missing; something about it loosening them and it being best that they come out so they could heal it before it did any other damage to my mouth. Well, at least it was just a couple little teeth in the front…I still kept my big scary ones. I have a reputation to uphold!

The V-E-T said I should heal just fine and I just have some medicine to take for a few days. Mom thinks she's sneaky when she puts it in my food but I know they are there. I just go ahead and eat it because I know that I'll get some extra good treats for being "such a good boy". Hehe.

My only beef now is this silly poodle hair cut I have on my arm. No offense to poodles but I don't think any Shih Tzu could pull this off well. I do get a little extra attention because of it though so I can work the "poor baby" angle for a little while longer and get a few more belly wubs!

Green is a Lucky Color

It's no secret that Shih Tzu Mom doesn't have a green thumb. She has tried to grow plants, even things that are supposed to be easy, but has been unsuccessful. I told her she should just stick to what she knows, like feeding me and rubbing my belly.

Shih Tzu Dad on the other hand, comes from a family of growers. So when he moved in, he went right to work. Above you can see me standing in Mom's handy work. She claims she has no idea how the yard got brown and patchy. I'll let her stick with that story since sometimes I have no idea where those twigs and things that I chew on come from. They just appear in the house, I swear.

I helped Dad pick out just the right grass to plant. It was very important that he know what I liked to lounge on during a summer evening. I had to stay inside while he worked on the yard, but I made sure to supervise him:

Had to make sure he did it just right.

After the yard, he planted some food on the deck out back. Things called peppers and tomatoes. Mom must like them because otherwise, what is the point of planting things that don't grow treats?

This doesn't make me like the deck any better.

I guess Dad had to do something for him and Mom since he was growing the yard for me. I like finding just the right spot, settling in, and pretending I don't hear when it's time to come inside. Usually, I just get carried back in the house. However, I found out that if I let Shih Tzu Mom point her camera at me a while, I can get just a little more time in my green sanctuary.

It's a Trap!

Today I was tricked. I saw Shih Tzu Mom get my leash out and put her bag in the car. That meant we were going somewhere! I happily trotted over and when she called out the usual "Up up!", I hopped right in, excited about the ride. But as we drove, I noticed we turned away from the park. Hmm…okay, maybe we were going to the store so I could pick out some new treats. Ever since Shih Tzu Dad moved in we go through them a little faster (shhh…don't tell Mom!). I sat quietly, enjoying the air conditioning, trying to figure out her plan.

Then it hit me. I saw that big orange and tan sign as the car began to slow. The V-E-T! How could she?! Had it been a year already? Poo. I made sure not to make it easy on her. I decided I just HAD to pee on every tree, bush and stick in the parking lot. Unfortunately, that only bought me a few minutes as she saw right through what I was doing. Well then, I figured I should just go ahead and get it over with.

I was very good for the V-E-T. A little jumpy but I didn't struggle (you'd be nervous too if you saw that handful of needles!). Honestly, the worst part was being up on that table. Those of you who follow my Scottie friends know how I feel about heights! Here is what the V-E-T had to say about me:

Hey! Who are you calling old? Maybe if I hadn't been burying my head in Mom's chest, the V-E-T would have seen this cute, young face. Anyway, bottom line friends, I made it out alive and got an extra special treat when we got home. So I guess it was worth it!

To the Rescue

Shih Tzu Mom recently had the opportunity to help some fur babies while doing her favorite hobby: scrapbooking! I myself am a rescue and was excited for the opportunity to help her give others like me a chance at a better life. Back when I was looking for a home, many potential forever families were weary of me because I had been involved in an accident. They were afraid I would have too many medical problems down the line and wouldn't be able to handle it. But not Shih Tzu Mom! The minute she saw me and found out I was looking for a home, she scooped me right up, potential problems and all. I am happy to report that I have been a very healthy pup and couldn't have found a better forever home!

So when we heard about this event, there was no question whether we would participate. It benefited the Georgia SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which rescues pups and kitties who are in places that do not have good conditions or room for them. Lots of fur baby parents came to join the cause, and 100% of their events cost was donated to the organization. Shih Tzu Mom printed out lots of pictures of me to scrapbook, like the ones shown above. Don't I take a great headshot?

Shih Tzu Mom also has a lot of friends who are Chihuahua Moms and they came to the event, too. Here is one of the pages in progress:

Shh…don't the them, but Shih Tzu Mom still thinks I'm cuter!
In addition to the money that was raised, a lot of the fur moms and dads brought donations. We gave them some of my old stuff and I helped Shih Tzu Mom pick out some new things like collars and toys to donate, too. It was quite a collection at the end of the day!

The tennis balls were my idea.
The event was a great way to spend a Saturday and we were happy to have been able to help out my fellow rescues. Plus, Shih Tzu Mom was excited to have made some pages she could add to my scrapbook. Here are a couple of her favorites. I think they turned out well, how about you?

It's Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, friends! We hope you enjoy your Fourth of July holiday. Just remember: mind those fireworks, keep us pups safely inside the house away from all that noise and be generous with the treats tonight! Oh, and if you want to show off your patriotic style like me, be sure to share your photos with us! Love, Lucky the Shih Tzu.

A Lucky Find

Shih Tzu Mom brought me a souvenir from Alaska!
Hello, friends! Lucky here. As many of you know, I've been spending lots of time at the Scottie House hanging out with my friends Heather and Mr. K. It was fun to share the spotlight with them for a while, showing them the ropes of how to use a cute face to get the most attention and the yummiest treats, but I was ready for my own stage! So, I'm pleased you found my new site and thank you for stopping by - I promise to keep you thoroughly entertained. 

I'm back home now with Shih Tzu Mom and Dad after their honeymoon. That's right, my humans got married! Now, they are both living with me and I can get double the attention, any time I want. They missed me lots while they were in Alaska. They would have brought me with them, if they could. It's okay though, as now they are behind on their belly wubs quota and I plan on cashing in, stat!

Shih Tzu Mom and Dad came back with a couple items to show they thought of me while they were away. I am pictured above trying on my new Alaska jersey shirt. I think I wear it well, no? Blue is definitely my color. But what are new threads without an accessory? Shih Tzu Mom thought I should have a little bit of bling to round out the outfit. Shih Tzu Dad picked this out because he knows who's really in charge at the Shih Tzu House.

My new bling.
Now, Shih Tzu Mom couldn't do all this shopping without picking out a little something for herself. She was very excited to find these in a small shop at the pier.

Shih Tzu Mom's new socks.
She can't wait until it starts to get cool again so she can sport these around the house. She said it is always hard to find items with Shih Tzus on them that aren't rocking the long hair style. I can't blame them though for not making a lot of things featuring us shorter-haired Shih Tzu pups. Honestly, how could you recreate this face and do it justice?